Whenbook is a very simple, very fast, very powerful event capture and delivery system. All you have to do to add an event is to enter a date, some text and a url.


Whatever your hobbies and pastimes, as you browse the internet and find an event that interests you, just add it to your whenbook page. Copy the url, some text, and the date. Whenbook will remember this for you. Choose what's interesting for you as and when you want to.

Clubs, groups or a home businesses

Manage your event list from your whenbook page. Give your clients the link to your whenbook page.

Your event list can easily be displayed on your own website as well. Whenbook keeps the time line up to date so you don't get that "stale events" syndrome.

You can add other events that are relevant to your club, group or business.

Deliberately simple

The display is kept clean and uncluttered. You get the colour and noise by following the links for the events that have been listed. You choose what interests you.

Deliberately good value

It costs just 25 a year to have your own whenbook page. Just one simple account, with no hidden extras everytime you want to do something. You can plan, manage and publish your events. Clean and simple. Clear and uncluttered. You have the control.