Whenbook privacy policy

This privacy policy will be updated from time to time as whebook develops and new features are added. The general philosopy is to hold the minimal amount of personal information required to make everything work, and not to use it for other purposes.

Just browsing

If you are just browsing whenbook pages, whenbook does not collect or accumulate any information about you.

Using the contact form

The details you elect to enter into the contact form will be retained by whenbook in order to deal with your message or request. Specifically your name and email address, as provided will be used to deal with your query. Your name and email address will not be used for anything else. They will not be used by whenbook for marketing or other purposes. They will not be passed on to any other parties unless whenbook is legally required to do so.

Your account

When you create a whenbook account, you agree to provide some personal details including a valid email address. Your email address is used by whenbook for account administration purposes. You agree to receive emails from whenbook, as required to manage your account. Any personal details you provide, including your email address will not be used by whenbook for marketing or other purposes. Neither will they be passed on to other parties, unless whenbook is legally required to do so.

All your personal details that whenbook holds are available for you view and edit from your account page.

Any information you enter that relates to page content is exposed to the public. Any event content that you enter is exposed to the public, either immediately or later.

Any content that you enter for memos or birthdays is not exposed to the public. However you are strongly advised not to enter content that would compromise your, or anybody else's safety or security were it to be publicly exposed. Whenbook does not intentionally publish this content, however it is prudent to assume that any content could end up in the public domain.

Credit card information

Whenbook does not keep or have access to any credit card information. When you subscribe, your subscription payment is handled by a secure payment sevice.