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Features Benefits
UK based servers Whenbook uses Ecohosting for its servers, and to quote from them "... we are one of the original businesses to offset our data centre carbon emissions in the UK."
Display Simple and uncluttered so that you get good performance
Events - up to 400 current events This will meet the needs of most individuals, small groups, clubs or home businesses. Events are displayed from today onwards and will appear when they are due
Events - for your own website Your event listing can also be viewed from your own website, without the whenbook headers and footers. The HTML code snippet to do this is provided in your account view when you are logged in.
Events - automatic archive This helps website performance and frees up resources
Events - historic Many clubs and groups run events on annual cycles. See what happened last time and change the date to the current year. Historical events are not displayed to the public.
Memos These are similar to events but are not published. They are typically used for planning
Birthdays These are annual reminders and are not published. Typically they are used to remember birthdays, anniversaries, car mot, rent renewal or anything on an annual cycle
Integrated view The MyHome page provides an integrated view of your events, memos and birthdays. You can see what's happening at a glance.
Tools As you would expect, you can view, add, edit, delete, or mark events, memos or birthdays
Costs Only 25 per year by annual subscription.
First month free Try it out and it doesn't meet your needs, simply cancel your subscription. A link to unsubscribe is provided from your 'view account' page.
Support Support is provided via email with a 24 hour response target. Requests, suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

We use PayPal as the payment processor. If you don't have a PayPal account, you will be asked to register with PayPal at the payment stage of this subscription process.

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